Would You Like To Be Painted 

Would You Like To Be Painted 

Imagine yourself as a work of art. Wear a fantasy. Surprise your partner.
Enjoy a sensual relaxing experience. Astound your friends. Do a sponsored bodypaint for charity. Dare to do something different The following questions and answers may help you make up your mind.

Q. How much do you charge?

A. Nothing! It is a barter situation I paint you and give you a full set of the pictures I take (that is, every picture that I take, good or bad, unedited.) on a cd. The cd pictures can be copied and printed using a computer and printer. If you do not have access to these I will make some special arrangements with you. Usually, I take something like    50 – 80 pictures.

In return, you agree that I have full copyright to use the pictures in any way I wish will limit this if you wish, only to use pictures in such a way that you will not be personally recognizable (by obscuring the face or any other identifying features).

Q. Are the paints safe and do they come off easily?

A. The paints I use are non-toxic water-based makeup obtained from stage and film makeup suppliers. The paints wash off with soap and water. In all the many paintings I and others have carried out I have never, heard of a negative reaction to the paints. The paints dry within a few minutes and can be painted over with other colors.

Normally, designs are washed off soon after the photographs have been taken. If you wish to, you can put clothes on over them and go home painted. The paints will go dull and wear off in patches with the action of the clothing in a few hours.

Q. Do I have to be nude?

A. Yes. I only paint people who are confident enough about their body to be painted all over, totally nude. If that is not the case, best not to be painted unless you wish to overcome such negative body images. Then I will do everything I can to help you. Please feel free to talk to me about it. The loss of these restrictive feelings is rewarding. You will have gained new freedom and self-assurance.

Q. I have never modeled before and I doubt if I am good looking enough.

A. Rubbish! The body is beautiful. You need no experience. I have painted all sorts of people including ‘pensioners’. When you see the results you will see the truth in what I say. You will feel and see your own beauty.

Q. Do I need to be shaven?

A. No, but it does help and makes for better pictures. I prefer it. Body hair is a bit of a problem in that it gives a ‘fuzzy’ painted surface and requires a lot of paint to be ‘worked in’ to get coverage. It makes some designs impossible. Shaven, close-cropped, or a small ‘bikini line’, are helpful variations and give good results.

Q. How long does it take? Is it uncomfortable?

A. Normally 2 – 3 hours. Most people enjoy the relaxing sensation. It is tiring.

Q. I am not sure. What if I change my mind after you have started to paint?

A. No hard feelings. You can get up and go.

Q. May I bring a friend?

A. Yes, for your own security you are free to bring anyone. However, for your peace of mind, I never allow spectators, unless you specifically request them. So your escort may be asked to wait in another room. Both of you must be over 18.


Thanks to all the beautiful models who have, cheerfully and enthusiastically, allowed me the great privilege of decorating their bodies. It is popularly believed that models are dumb bimbos. But not those I have painted Among them are students, graduates, teachers, lecturers, artists, a scuba diver, a parachutist, computer specialists, and as yet not a single simpleton. A very special thanks to my most frequent, much-loved model, designer of this website, and friend Katy, for her great support and encouragement, especially when I needed it most. Thanks also to Ivan (just married to Katy) and all the partners of all the other models’.

Thanks to Rick Mills fellow body painter and friend, from whom I learned much during our joint paintings at Art2b; to Paul Woods for organizing Art2b bodypainting and erotic art sessions and to Malcolm Mellon, Bodypainter for introducing me to bodypainting facilitating my first bodypainting with delightful Charlotte. Last but by no means least, a great big thanks to my greatest fan, critic, and publicist my super wife Tessa.

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