Kitchen Island Designs for Small Space

Kitchen Island Designs for Small Space

What Are Kitchen Islands?

If your small kitchen does not have a kitchen island it is time to sit down and figure out some kitchen island designs. Since you are incorporating a kitchen island into a small kitchen you want to make sure that it has the right dimension to fit.

You want to make sure that you can work on the island without being in other people’s way, that you and others can move around the kitchen, and with the addition of the kitchen island it does not make your already small kitchen look too cramped.

Here are some dimensions that you need to consider in your kitchen island designs. If you have a small kitchen, your kitchen island should be four feet by two feet to two feet six inches along with at least three feet of space around each side of the kitchen island.

If you have a large kitchen, your kitchen island has to be at least eight feet by twelve feet. If your kitchen is smaller than this you can still use your kitchen island designs by using a portable kitchen island instead. You will also need to know what functions you are going to use on your kitchen island. For storage, the size should be four feet by two feet six inches.

For a breakfast bar, the countertop should be four feet by two feet six inches with the base being four feet by two feet. The additional six inches between the base and the countertop will give you legroom when you sit at the kitchen island. Now that you have the dimensions figured out it is time to take into consideration the functions that you want your new kitchen island to have.

In addition to using it as a work area and sitting area, you will probably use it for storage. You first need to decide what you are going to store there. You can take part in the kitchen island and build in a small cabinet or shelves to hold your pots and pans or some of your extra food kinds of stuff.

You can even figure some drawers to store silverware or pens and papers, cookbooks, etc. The next thing would be what the shape it is going to be. You want to make sure that the design does not make your kitchen look smaller than it already is. The ideal shape would be a rectangle shape. The top of the kitchen island can be wood or granite.

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