Types Of Exterior Door Styles

Types Of Exterior Door Styles

The way an exterior door looks goes a long way toward the overall appearance of a house. Today’s homeowners are delighted to see that they do not have to settle for a drab, utilitarian exterior door. Rather, the market is chock full of exterior door choices in a huge variety of styles and performance features. If you are getting ready to purchase a new door, you’ll be amazed at the huge assortment of styles Exterior

Door Materials

The style of an exterior door starts with the material it is made of. Modern exterior doors offer a variety of materials; making it easy to find just the right door. Each type of exterior door has different features, looks, and other elements, such as A fiberglass exterior door style that is tough and durable. These doors usually have panels and come in a variety of colors; some can be stained to give the appearance of wood.

Homeowners who want a traditional design often prefer doors made of wood. It is also the style of choice for those who want a custom door because wood, which comes in a number of varieties, is easier to manipulate. The steel exterior door is a popular choice for security-conscious homeowners. It is becoming even more popular today as increased numbers of designs, in addition to safety features, are made available.

Exterior Door Style Options

It is not difficult to find an exterior door with just the right combination of material and style that meets your needs. Among the issues you need to consider before you shop is whether you want a door to open to the outside or swing indoors if you have room in the entryway. You can also choose an exterior door with glass inserts. They are available in many color choices, shapes, and textures to make your exterior door stylish and unique. Clear glass can be configured to your preference.

The obscure glass comes in a variety of textures that allow light in but provide privacy at the same time. Leaded glass is another choice that will bring elegance to your front door. Once you have a basic idea of your exterior door options, you can decide on more details. Your decision will largely depend on the size of your home, its overall design, and your budget. Among the many types of exterior door designs are:

A single door that opens left to right.

Double exterior doors are combined into one unit. The French door is a very stylish exterior door choice. It is mostly available as a traditional double glass door and is popular in homes where privacy is not a Sliding door is the solution for homeowners with no room for an exterior door to swing outside or inside. This door does not take up floor space and provide lots of light and view since it is primarily glass. Today, manufacturers offer upgraded locks, which make them a secure as well as stylish option.

Style Is In The Details Of An Exterior Door

Like accessories on a well-dressed individual, the hardware on an exterior door is among the details that add just the right polish and sense of style to a home. Hardware includes items like door handles, hinges, and locks. How they look can make or break the impression you want to make. Styles of door openers include doorknobs, levers, and vertical handles. They are available in a variety of finishes like bronze and nickel. Hinges also come in different styles and finish to match with other door hardware.

And security features like locks offer homeowners options like keypads and deadbolts; all with compatible choices of finishes and styles If you are in the market for a new door, be sure to choose the hardware in styles that complement the design of the house. Today, you can easily match your door and hardware with your style to make a powerful first impression that you can be proud of available.

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