Top 5 Energy Star Rated Windows

Top 5 Energy Star Rated Windows

Energy Star is the name of the voluntary program of energy efficiency standard compliance by product manufacturers. It was originally established in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency to provide energy savings and protect the environment via energy resourcefulness.  Energy Star standards are recognized around the world in numerous products that originate within the United States. Products that meet superior efficiency stand you probably have several products in your home, such as appliances and heating and cooling equipment, which sport an Energy Star compliant sticker. If you are looking to add windows to your list of energy-efficient items in your home, there are many windows to choose from with this rating. Below are five windows that seem to be consumer favorites.

Top Rated Energy Star Windows

In today’s energy-conscious world, the majority of manufacturers do offer at least a few Energy Star windows in their product line. We’ve put together a list of Energy Star windows that we feel go far beyond the basics of saving energy. They are noted because they combine other features with energy efficiency that make them stand out from the rest. The windows listed below are some of our best picks and listed in no particular order.

1. American Craftsman Single Hung Energy Star Window

This vinyl window is in the company’s Series 2301 line. The rugged construction of this window is ideal for use in new construction. Energy Star level features include Low-E insulated glass, argon gas, and an energy-saving overall design. The window comes complete with dual weather stripping, which increases its energy efficiency. Customizable sizes, easy maintenance, and versatile function and style options make this window an appealing and affordable choice.

2. Infinity From Marvin Energy Star Window Line

It comes as no surprise that Marvin Windows makes the list of top Energy Star rated windows. The company’s Infinity line is a trendsetter for replacement windows. The windows are made with Ultrex, a pultruded fiberglass; which means the material is reinforced with fibers to give it more durability. They have a Design Pressure (or DP, a measurement used to determine a window’s wind resistance) of 30, and feature Low-E Argon gas.

3. Pella Impervia Energy Star Rated Windows

Impervia windows have the distinction of meeting the requirements for an Energy Star label in all 50 U.S. states. This fiberglass window uses a patented composite named Duracast. Pella reports that the material is resistant to extremes in weather, impact, and even sea air; making this Energy Star rated line ideal for coastal regions too. Consumers can choose from a variety of window styles which include casement, double and single hung, and awing.

4. Energy Star Qualified Bow And Bay Windows By Thermal Industries

Thermal Industries offers a line of insulating glass packages they call Peak Performance. The company is proud to present stylish bow and bay windows that look great and also give homeowners the Energy Star standards they want. Thermal Industries’ bow and bay windows feature Low E glass and are sealed with Warm Edge Tech spacer systems. They are enhanced with Krypton or Argon gas. Choice of rich wood finishes includes Honey Oak and Caramel Oak.

5. Triple Pane Energy Star Vinyl Replacement Window By Reliabilt

This top of the line replacement window boasts a whopping 60 DP structural performance standard. Energy-saving properties include the use of highly insulating foam filled panels and reinforcements. This window is Energy Star qualified in the northern, north and south-central, and southern zones in the United States. ReliaBilt backs up the durability of this window with a lifetime warranty against glass breakage.

Saving energy is a global effort to improve environmental conditions. You can do your part by installing Energy Star rated windows in your home. You will also be rewarded financially with much lower heating bills, savings on the appliance and HVAC repair and replacement in addition to Federal tax credits and incentives. ards receive the familiar and respected Energy Star label.

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