To Picking The Best Double Hung Windows

To Picking The Best Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows with sliding sashes are back in fashion on account of their attractive retro-look and are found in increasing numbers in classically styled new homes. However, these are not their only attractions. These days you can combine designer styling with the latest energy-efficient technology. Moreover, double-hung windows are easily cleaned

Choosing Top Quality Double Hung Windows

1.  Obtain an expert opinion on the condition of your existing window frames. By that we mean the bits that remain in place after the fixed and moving sections have been removed. Recycling frames can save money and speed up the installation of replacement double hung windows. However, this is really only practical if they are in as-new condition.

The decision process flows easily to the choice of frame materials from which the windows are to be constructed. If you are retaining the perimeter framing then you should match the double-hung windows sliders to this.  then your choices are broadly metal, wood, vinyl-coated wood, fiberglass, and vinyl. Assuming your climate moderately temperate, then the decision criteria for frames for double-hung windows are cost and personal taste.

2.  Glass is an excellent temperature transmitter. 

That’s why your chilled drink feels so much better in a cool glass on a sweltering hot day. The key to energy-efficient double-hung windows is to turn this process around by having glazing that repels outside temperatures. This involves four simple steps Checking that the UFactor as specified on the glass is appropriate to your climate zone

Determining whether local climatic extremes indicate double or triple glazing in your double hung windows Confirming that genuine argon gas is fed into the spaces between the glass at the time of manufacture Making sure that soft edge spacers are used to separate glass sheets around the perimeter of each sash Ask your supplier to confirm the above arrangements in their quote. That way you avoid any possibility of misunderstandings at the factory when your double-hung windows are being made.

3.  A reputable manufacturer

 will pressure test the flexible seals between the fixed and opening elements in energy-efficient windows That said, some sealing strips in double-hung windows are undoubtedly better than others, and they are not easy to replace without dismantling the sashes Ask probing questions about the durability of the seals included in the quote, especially in the light of local temperature extremes?

Discuss the various options carefully and scrutinize the guarantee. The last thing you want at midnight is the sound of wind whistling through the frames of your double-hung windows that you could still be paying for.

4.  Whether or not you have small children

, it’s always a good idea to specify childproof locks when ordering double-hung windows. These should optionally limit the opening at the top, and especially at the bottom to protect inquisitive toddlers from getting into danger Locks like these have the added advantage of providing a measure of extra security when you’re airing a room, or wish to leave the double-hung windows open on a sunny day.

While you could probably fit them yourself later when you need them, a factory-installed version should complement the overall design a little better.

5.  Double hung windows are generally

safer to clean than hinged opening sashes, because it’s not necessary to lean out too far to clean them. The best ones incorporate tilt-in mechanisms for even easier cleaning access. Once you have experienced the convenience of this you are unlikely to be without it ever again. The Critical Success Factor

Let’s face it. Double-hung windows are not cheap – although they do have many advantages that make the extra cost worthwhile. The design requires that units be installed perfectly level and plumb if they are to operate smoothly and close uptight and snug.

The critical success factor for any double-hung windows project is the quality of the installation. Not all suppliers are equally adept at this. Make sure that the installer you choose has a long-standing reputation and an impressive client list. That way, you should have trouble-free double-hung windows for years to come. from inside and can be surprisingly infant-proof.

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