New Construction Guide

New Construction Guide

Welcome, New Construction Guide, your complete source for real estate and new construction.  A FREE SERVICE dedicated to providing  PreConstruction Investors (or Buyers for Personal Use) with the tools to identify opportunities with potential significant Reward and Limited Risk.  Presented by a local successful PreConstruction Investor, Developer, and Realtor.  Investors “MUST READ” Information

New Home Buyer! Save GUARANTEED!

I am excited about the PreConstruction market  If you think this area is just a city full of retirees, think again.  Many technologies and drug companies have located their operations here.  Fashion and Film industry in South Beach.  In addition, several large financial institutions have offices in Miami.  That brought many young professionals and their population growing every day.  Of course, we have an influx of educated and wealthy people relocating from Latin America, Europe, and every state including California to come here to enjoy beautiful SunShine, Ocean, lively lifestyle at affordable prices.

They come here and they want NEW!

They have the buying power to pay for it and they want it now.  If you buy early and hold till time gets closer to completion, there are buyers that want to move quickly and willing to pay the price.  I believe if you buy right, you can be ahead of the crowd and limit your risk.  So, this site will attempt to give you that edge.  It’s not like the typical web sites I’ve seen that concerned about listing every new condo being built so you can buy because frankly, this will not help you with your decision to find the opportunity in the right area, with the right developer and most of all ” the right price”.

PreConstruction Early Notifications!*

Maximize your research time.  For each city, you’ll get the background information it’s more than just an inventory of every new construction you need for decision making and how to benefit from the real estate trend and new construction in that city.  Personally, I am invested in Miami-Dade, Ft Lauderdale-Broward, West Palm Beach, Naples, and Sarasota (in new Golf Communities). So, I know those markets best.

Please browse my website for PreConstruction valuable information, Deals, reports, and important local real estate information.  If you have any questions about buying or selling real estate in Florida, please contact me as I’m more than willing to help and my services are always FREE. If you’re selling your home or looking for resale check my which offers reports on “Top 10 costly mistakes Selling your home” and “Tips that can save you thousands buying your home”.

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