Landscaping projects completed in Loughborough

Landscaping projects completed in Loughborough

Landscaping is a key feature of any home. Curb appeal raises the value of any home as well as gains the attention of the neighbors. Let’s examine some of the landscaping options available in Loughborough that really make a yard stand out. Entryway Garden Landscaping in Loughborough entryway-garden

A beautiful entryway garden is an elegant way to incorporate plant-like and style into the first impression of the house. Use a variety of mulch or soil that goes well with the outside of the house. The plants incorporated in the garden should be colorful and creative. Add plants that will bloom each season and different varieties that will keep the garden looking alive throughout the year. Edge the garden with stones or a small edging fence to separate it from the driveway,

or even add a bit of wall design within the garden itself. If mulch or topsoil is too messy, use small garden stones to get the same delightful garden. Stones can be laid in different colors to accent the house perfectly. These along with the other landscaping projects are available to see at Groby Landscapes Loughborough where there are many more examples around the Leicestershire area where they are based.

Circle Motif and Trees in these Gardens circle-motive

A really unique style of landscaping incorporates stone and grass. A circle motif is a simple concept that takes an area with good grass and encircles the diameter of a circle with brick or stone that matches the colors of the house. If incorporating a small area it will only use two or three circles. When working with a big area, the circles should be touching, or slightly overlapping where it is possible. If a path is needed through this area, be sure to add steps that allow for an easier travel path.

If a tree is part of a yard looking for a new look, make sure to keep it in the design when considering ideas. There are a lot of ways to make a tree a part of the picture, not just a thought in the background. A simple way to do this is to add features around the tree. Make a small brick wall encircle the tree, and be sure to add a layer of small garden stones, or mulch to liven up the tree’s base.

Make the tree a central focus, and add four small gardens out from the center that incorporates small bushes or plants into the design, for more information on planting see: choosing the right plants for your landscape which goes into more detail on how you can make them stand out. There are so many different landscaping ideas that can be a starting place for any home’s landscaping project. Hopefully, these ideas will set the path to a glorious curb appeal that would really stand out in your local area.

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