How to Add Some Change to Your Landscaping

How to Add Some Change to Your Landscaping

With spring here and summer around the corner, that means it’s time to start thinking about the outside of your home for a change. This, for most of us, includes your garden and landscaping. Whether you’re an avid gardener, or a plant it and leave it type, there are many different ways to update your landscaping with personality and style.

One easy way to pump some life into your landscaping is to play with contrasts. This can mean heights, colors, or textures. By creating a contrast in your landscaping, you draw attention to the area thanks to its uniqueness and personality. Contrasts can also be used to create a sense of richness and depth in regularly ignored areas. Consider pairing a decorative grass with colorful flowers to create some height and color variation, or mix flowers of contrasting colors (like red and blue) together to enhance a normally ignored area.

There are many different ways for these concepts to be applied in your landscaping, the key is finding a way that works for you making use of unused areas is an additional way to take your landscaping to the next level. In most landscaping, the plant roots and dirt are exposed, particularly tall plants. Instead of leaving that soil exposed and prone to runoff from rain, consider using a ground-cover or smaller, low-growing flowers and plants to compliment your larger plants and create some depth and a lush look. Types of ground cover than usual yield the best results are thyme, sedum, sweet woodruff, ajuga, brass buttons, and lamb’s-ears to name a few.

The type of ground cover that will work best in your landscaping depends on your climate zone and the amount of sunlight the ground-cover will be getting. The small details like this are what adds up to make landscaping truly unique and special using a unifying theme is another way to add pump some life into your landscaping. Whether you chose to base it around a color, a shape, or a height, this is an easy way to create a sense of unity through your landscaping. By sticking to a theme, it prevents the patchwork look some landscaping gets when the plants don’t seem to go together in a cohesive way. Also, with a theme, it makes adding to your landscaping in the future a breeze since you already know exactly what you’re looking for.

Expanding your horizons in terms of plant life will also enable you to bring change into your landscaping. Instead of using just flowers, or just shrubs, mix it up! There are many different types of plants that can be used in landscaping and exploring those options will only create a more unique look. Low-growing trees can substitute shrubs along driveways and vines can give fences or patios a completely new look. It’s all about mixing and matching which plants will work for your yard and personality.

So whether you spend hours watering and gardening every day, or just turn on the sprinkler and go to work, there are many easy and simple ways to welcome spring into your yard with some fresh landscaping.

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