Exterior home painting, like interior, starts with preparation work. The difference is that you will be using a caulking gun and caulking for patching and filling in the holes instead of plaster compound for interior preparation work. Start your way by filling all the cracks between soffit and fascia, trim, and siding. Do not be surprised if you spend like 20-25 caulks because when you start, you will be amazed how many of those are present at your home. If your budget allows you, buy at least 35 years of warranty caulking, usually it costs like a tube. Use your hammer to put back all the nails, especially at the top of the roof peak, around the gutters, etc.

When the preparation work is done (next day) start painting from top to bottom. Paint all fascia and soffit surfaces, and do one coat of primer, and two coats of paint, and do not use rollers, use only 4 inch wide brushes. Primer is a must for any exterior painting job you have, because the paint will not stick, and if das, it will not last more than years. When you finish all the fascia and soffit surfaces, start working on the siding. This part is going to take you at least days because you have to make clean lines between the siding and all the trim.

After days the exterior of your home will look brand new.

That’s it you’re done with the exterior home painting. The guys were very well behaved and friendly. I decided to choose HPS because they were much cheaper than one other quote I received and they seemed honest and reliable. The painters arrived on time or rang if delayed. They issued a quote on the spot and kept me informed and up to date of starting date.”

S. Croucher, West Pennant Hills

“The whole process was great. The tradesmen’s conduct at our premises was very good and the experience was painless for us. Hawkins, Castle Hill There was no aspect of the service that we were not completely happy with. The tradesmen were well mannered and pleasant. Well done.”

C Lee, Castle Hill 

“I have not been asked to write a reference but I felt it was necessary due to how impressed I was with his workmanship. I have dealt with a number of trades in my position and find it extremely rare to find someone who takes so much pride in their work. I also never had any problems when changes were required to be made on the job.

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