Choosing The Right Type Of Exterior Doors

Choosing The Right Type Of Exterior Doors

Doors offer entry and exit into one home and are a big component in the style of home you have and the design you want it to have. The type of door one chooses complements the overall scheme of the home, especially in terms of the kind of look you want to achieve from afar. There are many different kinds of doors one may opt for if they want to improve the appearance of their home. There are interior doors as well as exterior, but each type of door adds a unique element of design in beautifying your home. The material with which the door is made, the expertise of the craft, and the elaborate detail etched on it are components that make your preferred type of door beautiful. Below are discussed a few different types of doors and the factors that go into choosing them over others. Most Common Types of Doors

Big oak doors are among the most common for homeowners. These doors are sturdy, easy to install, and don’t wear out for a long time. Their appeal is one that cannot possibly be underrated as they have been used for such a long time. They are able to withstand bad weather and are not easy to a breakthrough in the unfortunate case of robberies. Furthermore, there is a traditionalistic charm to these types of doors that can be seen in old houses that have survived through the years. Like exterior doors, they are hugely popular, and for good reason. They can last and are cheap, thus don’t require a lot of maintenance and hard work in installation.

Industrial Types Of Doors And Their Installation

Screen doors are equally famous and are especially considered for exterior door designs. These types of doors are predominantly used by city councils and are to secure properties that have been left unoccupied. These are among the safest of doors and are usually used for security purposes. They have three locking points, thus entering within when one doesn’t have keys or access from within is impossible. Furthermore, these doors have hinges that are quite securely concealed so as to reduce the chances of attack. They can hold against bad weather and obstacles very easily and are among the cheapest in the types of doors available to clients. They have a fitting time of just over five minutes, thus it is easy to imagine why they are so widely used and preferred.

Architectural Door Types

Another type of doors that are very famous among a large variety of public are panel doors. These can be plain to highly decorative and are available in different materials, like steel or wood. These doors are clearly reminiscent of Gregorian architecture and panels. These are sometimes considered to be very plain and for those who don’t want to present aesthetics to their exterior doors, can be used easily. However, for those who want a bit more flash on these types of doors, these can very easily provide the kind of look one wants to achieve.

Why Opt For Custom Made Doors

One type of doors that aren’t seen commonly are double doors. These are usually tailor-made to fit user requirements and are hardly seen in homes unless the home has been refurbished to look like an institution or other special circumstances. These doors are mostly specially manufactured to conceal hinges, tongue, and locks. They are the type of doors seen at school exteriors or the back of clubs and so on. They are made of steel but the specifications matter more as to what kind of material is used. They are easily among the most secure in the exterior type of doors and come in varied options.

Sliding doors are also used at times for exteriors. They may lead to the back of a home or open up to the garden or garage. These types of doors are becoming increasingly common and can be seen in a lot of modern homes, but are a great component to add to traditional homes as well.

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